Finding a Provider

The Trans Wellness Initiative acknowledges that access to affirming health care for trans and gender diverse people is scarce and often difficult to find. As a means to connect community members with culturally-competent and affirming providers, the Trans Wellness Initiative has started an affirming provider directory. The directory seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Enable trans and gender diverse community members to find competent affirming care to suit their health and wellness needs
  • Enable community organizations and healthcare providers to find appropriate services or providers to refer their trans and gender diverse clients to
  • Facilitate awareness and navigation of trans services within the province
  • Facilitate connection among service providers working in trans health and wellness

The primary focus of the directory is listing health care providers (especially those who are prescribers), but the directory is also intended to eventually expand to include community-based organizations and other trans-affirming services, such as community groups, personal trainers, aestheticians, child care, mutual aid, etc.

Click here to visit the Provider Directory