Capella Centre

A place where individuals and families can escape from domestic violence, abuse and family violence, then begin creating a better tomorrow with compassionate support and extensive programs from trained staff.

We provide a safe, secure women’s shelter in St. Paul, Alberta open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once there, you and your children will be provided with everything you need to start making decisions about your family’s future, including one-on-one support, information, counselling and advocacy.

Utilities Consumer Advocate

The Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) was established in October 2003. The UCA's responsibilities are outlined in the Government Organization Act, Schedule 13.1 and the Utilities Consumer Advocate Regulation.

The UCA has a mandate to educate and mediate for Alberta’s small business, farm, and  residential electricity, natural gas and water consumers, and advocate for energy consumers.

  • We educate through a wide range of outreach and engagement activities.
  • We advocate by representing the interests of residential, farm, and small business consumers in regulatory proceedings.
  • We mediate disputes between consumers and utility companies and have a team of mediation officers who provide advice and information on energy-related issues like energy choice and charges on a utility bill.