Disability Mental Health Supports


Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)

Information about government programs and services, community support and local resources

  • Help to coordinate and getting support and services
  • Help with clothing or footwear that relates to your child’s disability 
  • Counselling 
  • Help with some of the costs to take your child to medical appointments such as parking, mileage, meals, accommodation and sibling care 
  • Respite services in or outside your home to give you a temporary break 
  • Help from aides who provide personal care, community, behavioural or developmental support
  • temporary living arrangements for your child away from home 
  • Help with some costs for medications, prescribed diets, ambulance or medical supplies 
  • Specialized services for children with severe disabilities
  • The same FSCD worker assigned to a family with more than one eligible child 
  • Help plan your child’s transition during key changes or life events such as when they: 
    • are first diagnosed or the disability is identified 
    • return home from the hospital 
    • start an early intervention program
    • start a new school program
    • approach age 16 and plan for adulthood 

Indigenous Relations Circle

Autism Society of Alberta


“The Autism Society of Alberta would like to introduce the Indigenous Relations Circle. Rooted in respect, the circles’ goals are to bring together diverse perspectives on the experiences of Indigenous peoples and autism in Alberta. The circle is a central concept to Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island and the Indigenous Relations Circle will listen, learn, share, connect and advocate for Indigenous autistic people and families.”